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Expand your reach and monetize your talents with asembl

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Create Event

Just hit "Create Event" at the top of the screen and then choose your event category so we can show your event to the people most likely to be up for it.

Add Details

Then, add your details (price, date, whatnot) and set up ticketing by linking your PayPal account.

At the event link, pop in a link to Zoom, Twitch, YouTube or wherever else you'll be streaming to. Or email us at and we'll get you set up with a streaming key directly through us.


People get to asembl events through asembl accounts so you don't need to worry about the stream link being shared with anyone who hasn't bought a ticket.


Event Listing

And that's it.

All asembl members who'd be into your event will see it.

We're mostly into online events these days but you can also pop in details of your offline events as well and make asembl a one stop, easy-peasy event calendar for your fans (and btw, they can add asembl events to their Google calendars super easy).


You'll receive payment equal to 100% of the ticket price (minus PayPal's fees) directly to your PayPal account right when someone buys a ticket. And you can track who's purchased in real time by hitting "Analytics"


Plus, if you're doing a free event or just welcome tips from your audience, asembl automatically includes a "Donate" button on your event page that's linked to your PayPal.