What to do on Super Bowl Sunday if all your friends have tiny apartments (i.e., you’re a New Yorker).

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New York is the best town on the planet. What it isn't is a place where people have apartments big enough for Super Bowl parties. So you need to go out. But where? We've got you covered.

Where to go if you're a Niners fan.


The easy answer for 49ers fans is, as always, Finnerty's (221 2nd Avenue between 13th & 14th).

No surprise, they're going all out.  But it'll cost you. Basic admission is $100 (with one free drink), the open bar package is $220 and you can reserve a table for 12 with open bar for the low, low price of $2,750.

Still, the atmosphere will be fantastic, the prices once you're in are reasonable and they're going to be giving away a bunch of great prizes, including an autographed Joe Montana helmet, a football autographed by Jerry Rice and an autographed Steve Young jersey.

A cheaper, but still pretty great option is to head to their sister bar, Plug Uglies (235 3rd Avenue between 20th and 21st). $40 to get in there.

Other options:

Tir na nOg Times Square (315 W. 39th Street between 8th & 9th Ave.)

Kent Street Ale House (51 Kent Avenue on the corner of North 11th in Williamsburg).

Dewey's Pub (135 W. 30th Street between 6th & 7th Ave.).

American Whiskey (247 W. 30th Street between 7th & 8th Ave).


Where to go if you're a Chiefs fan.


Just as with the 49ers, there's one place that stands above. And that is our friend Rob's place in Bay Ridge, if only because his children will be adorably living and dying on every snap.

For those unfortunate enough to be excluded from there, head to John Brown Smokehouse (10-43 44th Drive near 11th Street in Long Island City). The author if this post once got two for $10 beef sandwiches there and it was honestly the lowest quality meat he's eaten since the school cafeteria in his West Virginia elementary school. Despite that, everyone else has told him that the rest of the food there is good (and that's irrelevant anyway, since they're not going to be serving food during the game for some reason).

They're not taking reservations, so get there right at 3 when they're going to start lining people up.

If that's too much for you, Mothership Meat Company (27-20 40th Avenue between 27th & 28th Street in Long Island City) is close by and owned by the same folks with the same deal (line up at 3, no food during the game).

Other options:

Wicked Willy's (149 Bleecker Street between Laguardia & Thompson).

Emblem (187 Graham Avenue between Scholes & Meserole in East Williamsburg).

Where to go if you don't particularly care about either team.


This gets pretty subjective, frankly. But here we go:

Croxley's (63 Grand Street between Wythe & Kent in Williamsburg) is a fantastic sports bar with a great beer selection and fantastic wings. It's $20 to get in.

The Seneca (582 Seneca Avenue between Menahan & Grove in Ridgewood) is a cool spot and they're doing table side keg service and putting the game on a 15 foot projector screen.

Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Avenue between North 11th & 12th in Williamsburg) is running the game through its concert sound system so that should be cool. You can also bowl.

Berg'n (899 Bergen Street between Classon & Franklin in Prospect Heights) will serve Mighty Quinn's, Tripoli Pizza and Jianbing. Plus, booze.

Blondies Sports Bar (212 W. 79th between Amsterdam & Broadway) has very good wings and a lot of TVs. Worth a look.

The Grayson (16 1st Avenue between 1st & 2nd Street) is a solid spot: food, beer, people.

Your Local Bar (various locations). We're sure they're showing the game unless you're the sort of person who doesn't have a local bar with TVs, in which case you probably didn't make it this far in the article anyway.