About Last Night: Our Comedy Series Launch at Old Man Hustle

asembl_comedy event
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We kicked off our comedy series event last night at Old Man Hustle and it was a great success, with five comedians doing at least 15 minutes and a crowd full of people who only had to pay $8 through the asembl app. Check the app and this blog for updates as we’ll be hosting comedy shows at least once a month + jazz concerts and more. And you’ll get a discount to all of them when you get tix through the app. Come!

More about last night.

asembl_comedy event

The show was at Old Man Hustle on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg. It’s a great space and it’s pretty new so your friends will think you’re super-cool for discovering it. Our founder kicked off the show by letting everyone know about how we’re helping people find the best events (including by hosting them ourselves) and the people to attend them with. And off we were.


The OMH room where the jokes go down

Friend of asembl and comedian, David Drake, hosted the evening but initially spent a good chunk on stage getting the crowd going with hilarious jokes and stories. He really got everyone warmed up and laughing before bringing on Saurin Choksi, Daniel Simonsen, and Rebecca Vigil.

David Drake, our host for the night.

People were very interested to learn more about the benefits of the app and the great thing was that all the comedians had their own little jokes to make about the app and how it can help them find shows and market their own shows. In reality, it’s quite difficult for artists and comedians to promote their events because the only platforms that really works to reach young people now is Instagram and it doesn’t have good tools for events. We’ve heard so many people say they wish they could discover events and then easily send event ideas out to their friends on an app where you can also buy tickets and RSVP. That is exactly what asembl does and it was amazing to hear such positive feedback from these comedians and the crowd.

We can’t wait for the next installment with a new batch of comedians! Stay tuned to see where and when that will be. In the meantime, keep an eye on the blog and app for new events popping up in the next few weeks to help you get your social calendar organized and fill your free time with a little fun.