Avoid the Coronavirus at Events – asembl’s Guide

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Yes there is a terrifying coronavirus that is spreading and while it's certainly troubling, it's also important that you don't panic (we're not medical professionals so don't rely on us; this is just a handy guide of best practices we've collected). Just be mindful of large gatherings in enclosed spaces and diligent about washing your hands. Do not touch your face and definitely stay home if you have any cough or cold. However, if you want to take some pressure off of any sense of worry and dread, why not lean right on in to a few events and activities that aren't in such enclosed spaces. Just be careful and make sure to bring tissues or even a mask if necessary to help you avoid the coronavirus.


New York State has at least 105 confirmed coronavirus cases, 13 of them in New York City, but thank god no fatalities thus far. Still, everyone seems to be in limbo and it can't be clear about where we should overreact or stay calm. We know we're an events app and obviously want to help you "Find People" and "Do Something" but just be aware.

wear masks when you go to an event in an enclosed space

Here are a few things that can help you avoid the coronavirus while you're out and about in New York City or Boston over the next few months.

  1. Sanitize your hands regularly. If you pay someone in cash, make sure to wash your hands right afterwards to avoid catching any germs from hand contact.
  2. If you ride an elevator at work or at home, make sure to have a kleenex handy to hold onto the metal buttons in an elevator.
  3. Always travel with a lightweight scarf and wrap it around your mouth and nose in planes, airports, or at events. If you have to cough keep your scarf on your mouth.
  4. Hold a paper towel or toilet tissue when flushing the toilet and opening the public bathroom door when you're at a concert or event in the city. The public restrooms in New York City are always dirty and you want to be extra careful about touching anything that's been exposed to germs. Use your foot to flush the chain.
  5. Put vaseline or aquaphor in your nose to avoid germs, especially when out at events or traveling. Even put it in when you wake up before getting to work. When you breathe in, there are no germs that will come in through the thick salve.
  6. Vitamins. Keep that immune system of yours fueled with healthy food and vitamins, try tablets that fizz up your water and taste delicious.
  7. At restaurants, make sure to wipe down the rim of your glass. I know you assume people wash glasses thoroughly but you can never be sure. Bars get busy and may simply rinse and reuse! Be careful, be diligent, and just wipe it down before drinking from it.
wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with a good amount of soap.

These tips and tricks might be repetitive from most of the articles and advice you've received recently but it's important to follow. It is unlikely that you will die from the coronavirus unless you have a very weak immune system or are a lot older. Don't be afraid to attend the event you were looking forward to going to though because if you follow these guidelines you should be okay. There is no point staying inside unless you are already sick or have a cold. The only way to move forward is by staying calm and being aware. Also, remember to be kind to your neighbors, there's no time for cough-shaming or rude behavior. We're all one species.