Online concerts to stream this week: artists we love

online concert
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 Online concerts are blowing up since we’ve all begun social distancing. With so many live streams popping up left and right it can be overwhelming to even know where to start looking for the perfect night in. Here are a few virtual events we are hosting on Zoom to look out for.

Jennifer Vanilla: the online concert

A very exciting addition to our virtual events, Jennifer Vanilla is hands down one of the most exciting acts to come out of New York in the last five years. Jennifer Vanilla is a performance art piece displaying “The entrepreneurial fantasy vessel LARP- ed into reality by Becca Kauffman”. Here’s the truth. Inside of all of us is the ability to be a Jennifer. For those who have not experienced the Jennifer awakening in person you can finally have your moment online. Look out on zoom for our stream of classic segments from the Jennifer Vanilla Hour!

Live Stream the John V. Variety Hour

We’re going to piggy back on live streaming variety shows. Here’s a post-apocalyptic themed one to really get you into the corona spirit!  If you’re on “weird twitter” chances are you’ve come across a music opinion from @johnvvariety that made you go “haha yeah that’s true I guess Brian Eno DID produce music for U2 which DOES suck”. So that guy makes music. Actually, scratch that, he has a music variety program and it’s actually pretty fun to watch. The John V. Variety Hour is a Brooklyn-based one man multi-instrumentalist electro-psych program. It features a litany of guests including musicians, performance artists, dancers and artists, all of whom improvisationally collaborate with the main host John V!

Missdick Vibrocis @ Parliament of Reality

Online concerts can be so much more than just a basic stream of a live performance. They can also have something to offer that you may not get from going to a live show in person. With the addition of the tech landscape, what is possible with a live show can be expanded and played with to make something that can only be achieved with the magic of the screen. One beautiful example of this is “Missdick Vibrocis @ the Parliament of Reality 2017”. It is half filmed performance of noise/performance art duo Jill Flanagan and Lorene Bouboushian, half video art collage by New York based artist Cal Fish.

You just have to watch it to fully get what’s going on. It’s truly a beautiful display of some of the possibilities with online performance. Additionally the show takes place during this almost comically scenic sunset. So just live vicariously through these people who are still able to enjoy time together outside.

Other ways to enjoy your time now is through our virtual events. Check them out here. Keep up with us on our Instagram.