Digital Raves: The Must see Virtual Events this Weekend

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Digital raves may not sound like fun to you and I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. They’re sick. The internet savviness of nightlife culture arguably reaches its full potential on the online sphere. You can truly explore your inner fantasies beyond what was previously possible. You’re doing it in the form of online avatars to the sonic backdrop curated by the world’s hottest underground DJ’s that you otherwise may never see. So grab a Red Bull and buckle up for a few of our favorite digital raves that are going on right now.

digital rave

Hurtfreenetwork: the Ultimate IMVU Experience

Hurtfreenetwork is actually the only one of these to have been going on before coronavirus, hosting online raves on emo virtual reality site IMVU as early as 2017.The lineups, of which last night’s featured Machine Girl among other acts, have simply been top recently.  There’s also just something so magical about the marriage of IMVU and NYC rave DJs and you’re going to have to see it for yourself. Unfortunately they haven’t released a new announcement for a set after this last one but they are coming up more frequently so follow their Instagram and keep your eyes peeled.

Virtually Nowadays: Your Favorite Nightclub, Now Online!

New York nightclub Nowadays has gone virtual! In collaboration with The Lot Radio, Virtually Nowadays is streaming incredible sets live every night from 8pm to midnight. This weekend they wrap up their second week of programming and they’re certainly ending it strong. Coming up: Ben UFO on Friday, MoMA Ready & Ren G on Saturday,  and Anthony Naples & Beta Librae on Sunday. Be sure to hit the venmos of each of the acts (included on the site) if you can! Additionally for those who wish to help the Nowadays staff get through this tough time for night life you can venmo them at @nowahelp as well as subscribe to their patreon for the archives.

virtual nightclub

Limp Pumpo Quarantine Rave III

This is without question the biggest event of the weekend. Limp Pumpo is hosting their third quarantine rave on Second Life. From the looks of it, this one is the biggest one yet. An online rager, the rave will last 24 hours starting Saturday 12PM EST. The lineup is truly back to back insane to anyone who has been paying attention to underground club culture for the last few years, featuring the likes of Kreayshawn, Julien Andreas, Lederrick, Lord Pusswhip and many more. Plan wisely- capacity is limited to 100 people! You will need to DM someone (try this) for the address or coordinates to the Second Life Private Island Location. Don’t mind just listening to the sets without the online rave experience? Lucky for you the entire thing will also be streamed on DeadDigitizer on Youtube. DO NOT MISS!

Don’t miss out! We have more stuff coming at you so stick around for updates 🙂