Animal Livestreams: Nature in Quarantine

animal livestreams
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Most people like animals. And many people like to see them in person. Provided you're not in one of the many cities where feral pigs and other animals have come into town in our absence, you're missing out on that right now. But despair not. These are the best animal livestreams and other ongoing content going on right now.

The big daddy in the animal livestream game is with 99 livestreams active as of today. Their cams run the gamut: eagles, elephants, polar bears, gorillas, penguins, a huge pile of fat walruses and on an on. They have lots of cams in the wild and many in zoos plus a livecam of a shelter for elderly dogs. Check it out.

Once you've spent the requisite four days exploring these, check out the other animal livestreams below.


The San Diego Zoo is justly renowned for its collection and approach to conservation so it's no surprise that their animal livestream offerings are top notch. Pandas, orangutans, tigers & more await.

The Cincinnati Zoo is doing a cool "home safari" show every day at 3 p.m. Eastern on Facebook live (they then post the safaris on their website and YouTube after they're done) where they highlight an animal and give information about it and its species. It's really cool.

The National Zoo has the obligatory pandacam but it also has a lion cam, an elephant cam and, ugliest of all, a naked molerat cam. Good stuff.

Fish and such

Maybe the best of all the aquarium sites for animal livestreams is the one from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They have ten (ten!) livestreams up and running, including a livestream of rescued baby otters that aren't ordinarily displayed since they will be re-introduced to nature and can't get too used to people.

The Shedd Aquarium's (Chicago) online game is super strong. Whether it's the livestream of their Underwater Beauty exhibit or the many videos and other content they're putting on their social channels, they're definitely worth checking out.

The Vancouver Aquarium has a mesmerizing jellyfish cam. I watched if for five hours yesterday and I was completely sober.

The Seattle Aquarium has webcams trained on their harbor seals and sea otters. So cute.

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