Life of the Party has its digital Birthday Celebration Tomorrow

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Face it. Even if you were the life of the party and went out every weekend pre ‘rona, chances are you’re not an international jetsetter. If you are, please reach out to me– we can be best friends. I actually have somehow already befriended an international jetsetter. Tea Hacic is a Croatian born North Carolina raised Italian icon. She’s run the gamut of glamorous European hedonism, writing for Vice and Wired Italy along the way, as well as founding the iconoclastic satirical magazine STAI ZITTA. Tea is a member of the Milanese party elite and you get to be her friend because she’s throwing a party tomorrow and you’re invited.

life of the party

Tomorrow on Instagram Live (@teahacic) is having a launch party for her Ebook. You read that correctly. On top of everything Tea has written a delicious little book. Life of the Party is Tea’s raunchy debut novel based on her early 20’s in which she barely went to fashion school in Milan. What better way to gift a digital love letter to Milan’s party culture if not a digital launch party?

Life of the Party: the Party

Starting 21:00 in Milan 15:00 in N.Y.C. 12:00 in LA  the book launch set to be an international online occasion whether you read her book or not. Mark my words, you have to read her book, but the event will also be glorious fun otherwise. Prepare to become acquainted with the who’s who of Milan’s party culture. Hosted by Italy’s drag queen royalty, poets, and whatever other types of people nightlife and the internet awards with attention (hotties I mean), you get to go clubbing in Milan from your parent’s basement in South Jersey.The event is also entirely DJ’d by Tea’s dog. How cute is that?

Be sure to get Tea’s book and other great reads over at Clash Books. Also make sure to check back here as we keep you in the loop during quarantine! Ciao <3