Coronavirus Comedy: asembl (not so) live #7

coronavirus not so live asembl
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These are dire times what with this coronavirus. Comedy makes it a bit better. Join us on Friday, April 2 at 9 o'clock for the very hilarious Carmen Lagala, Mara Wiles & Senneca Stone. Live comics and a live audience. On Zoom.


Here's how it works:

  • Get Zoom here (it's super simple to use and free).
  • Hit the "Join the show" button below at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, March 30 to join. You can RSVP and add to your calendar here or on Facebook (shudder).
  • Turn on your microphone and/or camera so we can hear everybody laugh and feel together (also: behave).
  • Our amazing comedians do 10 minute sets each.
  • You laugh a great deal.
  • Donate. We're not putting up a paywall since we want everyone to easily join but we'd appreciate your donating $5 (or more!). Everybody's gigs went poof so a bit of cash would be highly appreciated.

If that doesn't work for some weird reason, our PayPal account is: (

We also accept Venmo (, though they're weird about non-personal payments and so PayPal is better). Our account is @Stevan-Nicholas

On to the talent. First up is Carmen Lagala.

Carmen has been featured on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central's digital platform, headlining festivals as well as touring the country opening for Hari Kondabolu. She was the 2019 winner of the New York Comedy Club contest.

Next up: Senneca.

Senneca focuses his humor on his dysfunctional upbringing in a poor, rural community. Senneca has a unique ability to remain genuinely likable on stage while occasionally delivering dark, albeit clever, jokes.

Senneca is a feature act for the Pittsburgh Improv which has given him the opportunity to work alongside national acts like Joey "Coco" Diaz, Nate Bargatze, Roy Wood, Jr, Sam Morrill and many more.

Then, Mara Wiles.

Mara is a comedian, writer, and actress who has made an impression on the Brooklyn comedys scene as a performer whose presence is arresting and energy is infectious. Her material is inflected with a cerebral goofiness that has made her a sought-after act around New York, where she’s appeared at Littlefield, Union Hall, and UCB. A comedy festival favorite, she’s performed at Crom Omaha, The Comedy Exposition, Burning Bridges, and her hometown’s High Plains Comedy Festival. Maybe you’ve seen her in Viceland’s “Flophouse”, “Hidden America with Jonah Ray”, or as an extra on your favorite show or heard her on her podcast "Significant Others". Maybe you haven’t. Either way, she’s excited for you to listen to her jokes.

comedy in cyberspace

When this is all over, you'll need to go out. And also re-introduce yourself to your friends. asembl is the perfect tool to make doing both better. Check it out for all the best things going on and the easiest way to gather a group to do those things with.

comedy in cyberspace