Things to do in Quarantine: It’s Not Over Yet

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Are you bored of all the things people have been telling you to do in quarantine? Have you been sleeping in and slacking on getting to that work assignment because you simply do not have the motivation? Staying home and being removed from the office and our normal routines can take a toll on us but it is important to keep yourselves busy while respectfully following social distancing practices.

We've all been asked to stay away from people through "social distancing" and with schools and stores closed, we'll have to spend more time at home with our families or roommates. We need to keep ourselves occupied to stay calm so here is a list of fun things to do at home to make social distancing go faster.

things to do in quarantine

Asembl's Virtual Shows

If you haven't tuned in to our virtual events yet, make sure you check them out every week. We have a new comedy show at least 2-3x per week with great performers coming to perform on ZOOM from all over the world. Tomorrow night we're having our 22nd show. Tune in at 9pm EST (it's free but we highly encourage tip jar donations!) for a fun Friday night.

And on Saturday, we've got indie-pop dynamos Jennie Lawless & Bogan Via dropping by for sets at 9pm ET.

Learn Something New

There are a bunch of people out there on social media and in the news maybe telling you to work on your education during this time. Yes, it's important to keep challenging yourself and maybe picking up a new skillset, like digital marketing or learning Google Ads. If you were in school before the quarantine and now are having a hard time finishing school work from home, reach out to your coworkers and initiate weekly Zoom calls to keep the classroom (and yourself) motivated. Having that sense of community and purpose will make the workload seem a lot less tedious.

If you weren't in class before quarantine and may have just been furloughed, Harvard is even offering a bunch of free online classes, browse there for something that interests you.

Read or Listen to More Books

It's been great to use this time to go outside and listen to long audibles (personally). I've found a long list of audibles I've enjoyed and have been swapping out titles after I finish them so it doesn't cost too much. Is there a topic you wanted to learn about before quarantine that you simply didn't have the time to get to until now? Go on Amazon audibles and browse fiction, non-fiction, biographies, mental health, and wellness topics. They're all fascinating and you can even sample them so you don't have to commit if you hate the narrator's voice.

Also, Amazon is still shipping books in a timely manner so if you hate listening and prefer reading, then go that route. There's always something new to read about and don't feel the need to learn about something you don't find enjoyable. Reading should only be something that excites you and sparks your interest.

Have the Movie Theater Experience at Home

Do you love getting ready to go to the movie theater (before quarantine)? Do you miss getting into cozy pants and a big sweatshirt and curling up in the big movie theater chairs with a big bucket of popcorn on your lap and a pepsi in your cup holder? Well, you're not alone.

The good thing is you can control how you get ready for things like movie time at home. Dim the lights, get out a cozy blanket, bring your own m&ms and homemade popcorn out. Most importantly, turn your phone off. This is movie theater time and it would be rude to have your phone on in the theater, wouldn't it? Having this planned out time at home that makes it feel like real true life movie theater experience gives ourselves a sense of excitement and pleasure. Make it a memorable and cozy evening for yourself or family/friends/lovers who are quarantining with you. There's so much fun that goes into bringing the movie theater experience to your home.

Play Sports in Your Yard

If you're at home in the suburbs, I'm sure you can go outside in your own backyard and kick around a soccer ball. If you're in NYC or Brooklyn or another jam-packed city, be a bit more careful but go out with intention to play sports and have fun.

Playing sports during quarantine with friends or yourself is very fun and liberating. While there are more people going out and about (which is a bit alarming) you are going to be tempted to make friends or kick the ball with other people. The good thing is you can play sports at a distance and still have fun. Kicking a soccer ball or throwing a football is abiding by the social distancing guidelines. Just avoid high-fiveing your teammates or new friend afterwards.

Host a Video Game Tournament on Zoom

I'm sure you've heard of Zoom by now and maybe know a thing or two about how to be host. Zoom is a great way to loop in friends to play a game like Quiplash, Beer Pong, or host your own video game tournament. There are so many things you can do on Zoom so you won't feel like you're all alone. Check out some of the awesome new games you can find at places like Five Below online.

Stay Fit and Sane at Home

If you're on Instagram, I'm sure you're being targeted with at home work out videos you can do. We've found Heather Robertson (on Youtube) and Melissa Wood Health app to be the most helpful. If you're not running outside or kicking the ball around then you're most likely needing another way to stay fit at home. We've laid out a list of the best places that offer at home workouts to help you stay motivated and keep with your workout routine (even though you're probably missing the gym). Check out that list here. 

Get Creative with the Cooking

We have been in lockdown for a month and a half! Now you have little to no excuse of cooking at home. It saves money and teaches you a thing or two around the kitchen. Experiment and practice because you never know when you're going to have to cook for a big party or host unexpectedly! This is your opportunity. Find the recipes we're currently loving here. 

Don't forget it's Mother's Day this Sunday! Treat mom like the Quarantine Queen she is and send her flowers or make time to have at least a 30min-1 hour video call with her.

Have a great weekend!