Electronic Music Streams October 6th

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It’s officially autumn and we’re on the lookout for chill electronic dance music streams to keep the party going despite summer streams coming to an end– so what is there to do in the world of electronic music on say October 6th of this insane year?

Tomorrow, on October 6th, Beats in Space radio is hosting the perfect stream for your Tuesday night. The “Most Important Underground Dance Radio Show” in New York is at it again with sets from DJ D.DEE, of Pacific Rhythm records, Planningtorock, and Hoshina Anniversary. You can catch it on WNYU 89.1 FM or stream it directly from beatsinspace.net from 10:30pm- 1am.

What’s Beats In Space?

Beats in Space is so much more than a record label and radio show, it is a cultural landmark of not only underground electronic music but also New York City’s culture at large. It’s host, for over 20 years, Tim Sweeney (who is known for his association with the legendary DFA records and Brooklyn based independent electronic label RVNG Intl.) has been interviewed by the New York Times about the show and has his own page on Wikipedia, which credits him as having worked on the soundtrack for several Grand Theft Auto Video Games. 

electronic music streams october 6th

For over 20 years every Tuesday night on New York University’s WNYU-FM (89.1) Sweeney has live-curated shows that display the best of electronic music through all of its twisting and turning trends of the last two decades. Additionally it has had absolutely everyone in the unofficial New York City electronic music hall of fame including Ben UFO, Avalon Emerson, DJ Harvey, Mike Servito, Kim Ann Foxman, Mister Saturday Night and Aurora Halal.There was a point this year where the show was almost cut and it had a mass petition to keep it alive, which was covered here by Resident Advisor. It cannot be understated how big of a deal this radio show is and is essential listening for those in the New York metropolitan area who want a better understanding of electronic music.

Off the airwaves, Beats in Space exists as a record label featuring releases from the likes of Josey Rebelle, Andras, Jennifer Vanilla, Powder and so much more. You can check out their releases as well as cool merch on their website. The label began to throw parties in 2011 and they have thrown over 1000 shows all over the world since the label arm of Beats in Space began. Overall, if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the dance music scene of the greatest city in the world we strongly recommend keeping up with Beats in Space and every iteration of how they exist. You can catch the archived stream of their most recent show with MoMA Ready and Logic1000 on their site (which we are linking here).

Who is Hoshina Anniversary?

electronic music streams october 6th

Hoshina Anniversary is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Hachioji, a suburb on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. He has been steadily making music IDM masterpieces for the last five years and it is not a stretch to say his output is some of the most essential electronic music in the last few years. He’s a true iconoclast  and here is why. On his Soundcloud bio he describes himself as a “Musician, making tracks w/ traditional Japanese instruments.” 


He has recently gained some major traction with his self-titled brand of “Watechno”. Watechno is essentially what Hoshina Anniversary’s Soundcloud bio describes (“Wa” means “Japanese”, “Techno” means… “techno”). More specifically the music blends extremely intricate arrangements featuring instrumentation of traditional Japanese music with techno sensibilities of the Chicago and Detroit variety.

His works have found homes on ESP Institute, Young Marco’s Safe Trip and Amsterdam-based MUSAR Recordings. He is beloved in the scene getting support from a whole range of electronic artists, including Laurel Halo, Lena Willikens, Young Marco, Veronica Vasicka (Minimal Wave), Lovefingers, Elena Colombi– the list goes on. Here are two great mixes by Lena Willikens that feature his music (1, 2). 

He has briefly dipped his toe in the world of alternate aliases. This past summer he released the premier of a new project called Shifting Gears out now on MUSAR. The single, Syndicate, is deep from the vault, made back in 2011. Sonically it can be recognized as what he describes as a “slowish jazzy track... inspired by Weather Report & some great Brazilian music” 

He is still releasing music under the Hoshina Anniversary moniker. He is currently releasing music with the Youth Label based in Manchester in the UK. The label is founded by underground although revered DJ, DJ Lyster who is known for his edgy experimental sets featuring everything in that realm of soundscape from noise to post punk to industrial. You can check out his latest album here on his bandcamp which includes his typical manipulation of traditional Japanese instruments while also featuring some self-admitted inspiration by Aphex Twin’s Ambient Works, vol 2.” You can also check out this mixtape, which is just a personal favorite.

Who is Planningtorock?

electronic music streams october 6th

Planningtorock is the alias of Jam Rostron. Born and raised in Bolton, UK based in Berlin, Germany, Planningtorock is an electronic vocalist and producer and has been active since 2004. Planningtorock has been represented by Rostron Records, Human Level, and DFA– the same label with which Beats in Space’s Tim Sweeney is affiliated. Across various releases of studio albums, mixtapes film scores, operas, remizes and EP, Rostron’s sound can be generally described as electropop. Of course, however, the Planningtorock has tried a variety of styles within the electropop framework including utilizing DIY aesthetic in Have it All (2006), disco and house in All Love’s Legal (2014), more experimental elements in W (2011), to the leftfield Powerhouse (2018). The music has a strong focus on personal explorations of gender expression from general lyrical content across the discography to particular choices in the arrangement. According to Wikipedia, “Planningtorock has stated that the distortion of their vocals allows for the ‘playing around with gender alongside communicating what I feel is the emotions within the songs. Because I am really interested in expanding upon the limits that we live in – how we are defined – and it is an experiment.’” As it says in their bio “their sound – tense, spellbinding dance music with classical flourishes, unexpected brass and pitched-down vocals that have become Planningotorock's signature – have earned them a dedicated following.” Overall, Planningtorock is a visionary and politicised producer who is not afraid to make a statement and push the envelope, as they’ve demonstrated for over a decade. You can check out their discography on their website.

Who is DJ D.DEE?

DJ D.DEE is the alias of Derek Duncan. The guy wears a lot of hats as a DJ, promoter, and record store/label owner. That label/record store, by the way, is Pacific Rhythm which he founded with fellow DJ Early. Founded in 2013, Pacific Rhythm is a digital store and distributor of rare yet affordable European EDM vinyl as well as a label repping a host of Vancouver artists including D. Tiffany, Flørist, Neo Image and Slim Media Player

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Pacific Rhythm even briefly existed as a storefront in Vancouver’s Chinatown until 2017. We recommend just going through their bandcamp to get a closer look, they have made some gorgeous cassettes available for purchase as well. If you’re into house, we are sure they have something for you. More recently he has gotten involved with independent Canadian record label, Specials Worldwide. It was founded in 2019 by the people at Pacific Rhythm, New Form Festival, and the UV and, according to their Soundcloud was established “with an aim to break timeless recordings with established and emerging talent from around the globe.” They have two releases so far on their Bandcamp and we are really enjoying this one with Vancouver’s ZDBT and Washington DC’s Dreamcast. As a DJ, Duncan definitely throws a chiller show although it can get into quite sonically diverse territory. He can be heard spinning old school dance bops, jazz of a 70’s smooth/ cool variety, and the newest tracks from artists off of his labels. Before COVID, DJ D.DEE regularly hosted events at Vancouver’s iconic Celebrities Night Club as part of his continuous effort to serve Vancouver’s growing nightlife scene. With such an array of interesting projects, it’s easy to see how he is a local legend in Vancouver’s house music scene. Check out this video of his boiler room set at Bass Coast Festival to get an idea of what he will have in store for Beats in Space.


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