Electronic Music Stream October 8th: ElseworldTV with LauraLynn and JOEEIRWIN

Elseworld TV October 8th with Laura Lynn and JOEEIRWIN
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Night clubs have been closed for over half the year and it made us wonder: what’s going on at Elsewhere? What’s going on at Nowadays, Bossa Nova Civic Club, or Good Room? What has happened to the clubs that had essential spots in New York’s club circuit?

While we don’t have a crystal ball for what happens the rest of this year, let alone beyond, we have found some cool ways some of these clubs have pivoted to the virtual world.

Whether you were previously an Elsewhere regular or are just now developing a cabin-fever inspired interest in nightlife you can tune in for a fun virtual party tomorrow, October 8th, thrown by Elseworld TV. This Thursday night Laura Lynn and JOEEIRWIN have a special event planned that will go towards benefiting ProjectHOPE, streamed live from The Loft. Don’t know who any of these people are? Don’t worry we will give you a quick debrief.


ElseworldTV is the virtual reimagining of the Brooklyn based nightclub, Elsewhere. To call Elsewhere itself simply a nightclub is a grave understatement. If you’re in New York and you like electronic music, music, culture, even dare I say living and loving, Elsewhere is an essential spot. Elsewhere has become a cultural center of the borough throwing fantastic live music shows, nightclub experiences, and events that display the latest in works that sit at the intersection of music and visual art.

This is of course largely in part due to the size of the venue. Previously a warehouse, Elsewhere has a variety of performance spaces including its large rooftop, its two formidably sized halls, the gallery, the loft café, the outdoor courtyard, and its floating project space where visual and installation artists can showcase works. Elsewhere also has a strong interest in supporting all of the progressive cutting-edge creativity that have existed both locally to them and internationally. 

Overall, Elsewhere is extremely diverse as a space and so naturally has become a thriving hub for all things live and creative in New York. 
So what happens to a space like this in a COVID ridden world? If you go to Elsewhere’s website (see for yourself) almost all of the rooms are closed to the public. The exception is the rooftop which exists as an outdoor bar and restaurant every Friday (from 6pm to 11pm) and Saturday (from 3pm to 11pm). This is not, unfortunately, a way to experience live electronic music. Technically they advertise that the café only has pre-recorded mixes and playlists playing in the background curated by the Elsewhere team: but obviously that isn’t the same.


Fear not! Elsewhere has not fully pivoted from an interest in curating creativity to curating cuisine! The new iteration of Elsewhere showcasing progressive electronic music comes in the form of its Twitch channel, ElseworldTV. Every Thursday and Saturday, Elsewhere invites artists to perform at The Loft, their main hall, without an in-person audience, and then that performance is streamed on their twitch channel for the whole world to see. Additionally Saturday’s show coincides with the open hours of Elsewhere’s Rooftop bar. This means they offer a deconstructed live experience in which you can “enjoy music on the rooftop whenever they are happening live”. To be honest we don’t really understand how that works but I am dying to have some more details about that.

If any of you have been, I would really appreciate it if you could please paint a picture of that for me. Do you just hear the muffled sound of the set? Is it the live iteration on that online trend where everyone was making mixes songs where they sounded like they were coming from another room? Do they bring speakers to the rooftop? Is it projected? I will have to see for myself but would love it if this were an open dialogue. If you happen to know maybe tweet us or DM us if you have answers. Either way from what we have seen online the shows are fun and dynamic ways to see a wide-variety of electronic music performances online. This week will be no different so here is a quick rundown of what ElseworldTV has planned for us this week!

Laura Lynn

Laura Lynn is a Brooklyn based DJ who doesn’t discriminate about what type of music is needed to keep a party going. Her sets are quite eclectic and unpredictable although there is recently a tendency for her to have a higher ratio of disco and house music in her sets. Laura Lynn and Elsewhere seemingly have similar mission statements about wanting to support local communities. In Lynn’s bio it says she has spent “the better part of the last decade dedicated to help(ing) grow the Portland, OR dance community”. This is evident by her strong relationship to notable Portland club, The Liquor Store. Lynn played an active role in helping with booking and launching quality programming, specifically notable parties Believe You Me, Spend The Night and Wake The Town. These parties have been integral in developing Portland’s international reputation as an important city for American nightlife culture. 

Lynn is through and through a true music lover and grew up with a strong relationship to it. The daughter of Michael Martin Murphey, a multiple Grammy nominated legend in the world of Americana and Country, Laura Lynn describes music as being in every part of her life from an early age. Her love of music has taken her all over the country and even the world under various monikers. This includes Heart + Heat, a duo project she formed with Julie Shumaker, and Heatesca, a Deep House/Nu Disco project that featured Lynn’s DJing and electronic music production work. Laura Lynn eventually began booking under her own name while sonically still working with similar interests that she had during her time as Heatesca. 

You can check out her Soundcloud here to hear some of her mixes.


In the process of writing this article I have become obsessed with Joee Irwin. There is not a lot written about Joee Irwin’s work, which is a crime to me personally. Joee Irwin is hysterical while also remaining in dialogue with the art world with an absurd cynicism that I’m constantly looking for. Joee Irwin is extremely an adult with a developed and nuanced perspective of the things he creates about. At the same time, the still videos utilize a combination of fast pacing, mixed media, and Irwin’s edgy brand of humor. That way you don’t feel like it’s geezer content designed to make Jerry Saltz (if you don’t know who that is, here is a quick video that gives you a taste of what he’s like) foam at the mouth.

If you go through the vimeo (which you absolutely should here is the link go look at it now) you will see 12 videos with these titles that look like they’re stuck on there with masking tape. It’s reminiscent of the mixed CD’s you would make for your friends in high school. The videos themselves do have this DIY edgy high schooler aesthetic and sense of humor (not in a reddit way in a Napoleon Dynamite way, although I technically can’t claim this as part of my “heritage” or “journey”  because I was born in the late 90’s… that’s what I mean though) while maintaining a thorough intellectual curiosity at their core. On the Instagram, there is a continuation of the same brand of irony while not being as meticulously edited. Here is a link to my favorite video on Irwin’s Instagram.

Project HOPE

Project HOPE

In the spirit of both celebrating creativity and helping communities Elsewhere has made this show a benefit show. They have decided to use this Thursday’s edition of ElseworldTV as a benefit to raise money for Project HOPE. Project HOPE’s Instagram bio says that they are “a global health nonprofit working to save lives around the world and deliver programs that improve people’s lives.” Their efforts cover a wide variety of issues that fall under this umbrella. Recently they have a focus in helping aid the global Mental Health Crisis (to coincide with Mental Health Day on the 10th of October), COVID-19 relief, and providing aid to Lebanon after the explosion in Beirut. To learn more or make a donation you can click here to go to their website.

Click this link to get more info and go see a great interdisciplinary electronic music event for a great cause.

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