Party October 8th: Club Quarantine x Club Hun House

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Tomorrow is Friday, in case you haven’t heard, and so a lot of stuff is going on: but which event will be the best one for so to have lil sexy dance party in your kitchen? It can be overwhelming to look at these event indexes and see scant selection Sunday-Thursday and then dozens of online parties from all over the world for the weekend. What is the right choice???? How can I know for sure???? You obviously can’t know for sure, neither can we, except for tomorrow night.

This is because tomorrow night, October 8th,  Club Quarantine and Club Hun House are having an iconic crossover zoom party. Featuring the who’s who of Toronto’s LGBTQ+ scene, it is set to be a cultural reset. The party is also in support of Encampment Support Network, a Toronto-based effort to creating community, support & advocacy for the people of Toronto living in encampments. The event will feature performances from BAMBII, Pelada, Slash Need, Nino Brown and Tynomi Banks.

Don’t know who any of these people are? Don’t worry! I have done some digging and have it all down below!

Club Quarantine:

Club Quarantine is the hottest club online probably. Started by four scenesters from Toronto, it quickly amassed a major following, becoming the go-to queer party on zoom. It has thrown parties with Paper Magazine, featured appearances from Charli XCX, Lady Gaga, Laverne Cox and Rebecca Black (yes that Rebecca Black, she’s totally a cool young person now). Club Quarantine is a huge deal and consistently throws the best internet parties of the weekend. 

To keep up with Club Quarantine, support them, or support the causes they care about be sure to check out their Instagram & Twitter, their Paypal, and their linktree respectively. 


After taking a brief break, Club Hun House is back! For those not in the know, Club Hun House is a Toronto based party catered to “queer womxn, trans & non binary folx” hosted every Friday on Zoom. Activism is a strong tenet of their existence and the parties have consistently provided a space for Toronto’s queer community during the pandemic, while also reguarly supporting community-based causes both materially and through raising awareness. The popularity of Club Hun House quickly grew and it has gone from a local space to even an international virtual hotspot for LGBTQ+ virtual nightlife. 

Be sure to check out Club Hunhouse’s Instagram account and linktree which includes a Paypal so you can directly support the artists and organizers involved with them.

Encampment Support Network:

The cause this whole party is supporting, the Toronto-based Encampment Support Network aims to be “a welcoming force to (its) unhoused neighbors” by providing basic needs to them. Each morning ESN goes to Toronto’s encampments and provides them with necessities, including water, sleeping bags and warm clothing for the upcoming winter months. The funds raised at the party will directly provide material support for ESN to continue doing this and is a direct way to provide aid as the City of Toronto has yet to do so.

Club Quarantine shared a very helpful infographic on their story so if you want a more in depth look about Toronto’s housing crisis written by ESN themselves here is a link to that post. 

Be sure to check out their Twitter, Instagram and link tree, where you can find their Patreon and podcast. You can also email them at to inquire about making donations or getting involved.


I started writing this article knowing nothing about Toronto based DJ Kirsten Azan, who goes by BAMBII. I took to Instagram to learn more, ended up clicking the link to “RAVE THEORY MIX”, and now I’m obsessed

Admittedly, I know next to nothing about Dancehall or Drum and Bass, but you don’t need to be an expert in either genre to hear that BAMBII deeply understands how these grooves function. Even further “RAVE THEORY MIX” is the work of someone who gets through and through how to make something that is somehow both extremely eclectic and cohesive while never straying away from the primary goal of deeply pleasurable danceability. It isn’t, technically, all over the map genre wise. Yet, because it dissects the different elements of a few genres, that exploration creates something almost overwhelmingly expansive. BAMBII understands that half an hour is actually a really long time and is in no rush to build up dense sample collages or overwhelm you with quick transitions to be showy, and yet the mix is never boring. It is incredible how throughout this mix is both subtle and dynamic, danceable and dence, fun and nuanced. I can feel myself over analyzing. Unfortunately, I can’t help it and the alternative is me writing “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, which I can’t do because I have a word count ya know? 

Here is a link to BAMBII’s Soundcloud, Instagram, and Facebook page if you want to keep up with the final boss. 


Pelada is the Montreal based duo project of vocalist Chris Vargas and producer Tobias Rochman. They have one LP, Movimento Para Cambio, released October of last year on the legendary Berlin-based experimental label PAN. 

Instrumentals on Movimento Para Cambio are dynamic and arresting, utilizing playful experimentation with timbre and deconstruction of melody over otherwise straightforward grooves. Lyrically Vargas interrogates a wide range of topics including the femme experience, surveilance, and capitalism with a variety of affect that always come back to ferocious bravado. Overall, the album is a deeply compelling project that utilizes the kinetic aggression of these styles of dance music to accompany pathos based takedowns of the punishing powers that be. Do not skip.        

Here is a link to Pelada’s Soundcloud, Bandcamp, as well as Rochman’s instagram where Pelada updates are primarily posted. You can also check out PAN’s website and Soundcloud to find other cool experimental artists.  


Slash Need is an industrial/techno project based in Toronto. Their discography is admittedly quite brief. They released two demos from 2019, entitled “THANKFUL REACT DEMOS”, and a mini EP in 2020, “SPIT LIP”.  The instrumentals are straightforward yet effective and provide gritty pulsing timbres for the vocalists to declare, yell and echo over. What’s created here is an edgy and seductive atmosphere, particularly from the ominous charisma of the vocalist’s delivery. This is a necessary addition to the fun, scary, raunchy, playlists that I find myself making for autumn and winter when I want to go outside wearing a scary outfit, and for the rest of you… Halloween I guess! Anyway, kick back and bask in the fun avant garde histrios of their music, I’ve been doing that by using it as background music while I watch this Dior show. Maybe try for yourself.

Speaking of visuals! They have visuals too! Compelling visuals! In order to get the full experience we highly recommend you check out Slash Need’s music video for their song “Leather”. It’s reminiscent of one of those nights when you’re on that corner of Youtube, specifically the videos of Miss Shaye Saint John or Ryan Trecartin, and has been on heavy rotation for me over the course of the week. 

They have quickly made a name for themselves in the Toronto queer music scene, performing at this year’s virtual iteration of Pride Toronto.  provide a fun edgy set for tomorrow’s Club. 

Here is a link to Slash Need’s Instagram and Bandcamp if you want to keep up with what they’re up to. 


Tynomi Banks is a Canadian drag queen who has made a major splash both internationally and as a beloved member of the local queer community which she occupies. 

She has performed at World Pride and worked with major brands such as Crest, Ikea, Spotify and Netflix. Tynomi Banks is extremely a big deal.

This is, of course, well deserved as Banks consistently puts on fun fearless dynamic performances where she impersonates icons of pop including Whitney Houston and Beyoncé. You can see her on season one of Canada’s Drag Race to see what we mean. 

We have also included this video on her Instagram where she vogues to Avril Lavigne to give you a little taste. Overall, I’m sure that she will be a highlight of the party of the weekend.

Check out Tynomi Banks’ Instagram, website where you can also leave a tip to support Tynomi. 

Nino Brown

Nino Brown is not just a DJ but an integral part of Toronto’s queer scene and party scene. Brown’s most notable contribution to Toronto is probably Yes Yes Y’all, which she co-founded back in 2009, an integral queer party to the local scene with the goal of providing a space for QTPOC outside of Toronto’s Church and Wellesley village. For over a decade Yes Yes Y’all created a space that allowed people to enjoy who they were fearlessly without judgement. During COVID, Yes Yes Y’all has pivoted to occupying the virtual space, throwing parties every 3rd Friday of the month.

Be sure to check out her Instagram as well as YYY’s Instagram to keep up with what’s going on.

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