Ten Questions w/ Sarah Dooley

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Sarah Dooley is a musician and comedian who just released her second album of original songs called 'Is This Heartbreak?' available everywhere you get music (Spotify I Apple). Her cover of "But Not for Me" was featured in an episode of CBS's The Good Fight (which means Christine Baranski has probably heard it!!!). In the before-times, Sarah regularly performed on comedy and music shows around NYC, doing a mix of stand-up, storytelling, and music. She contributes to Reductress and her original comedy book 'Are You My Uber?' was published by Running Press.

She's on our show tonight (join here) with Morgan Jay & Beatrix "Betsy" Carroll.

We caught up with her to ask a few ridiculous questions.

asembl: How long have you been doing standup comedy?

SD: 3 years?? But it's kinda like dog years, you multiply it by how many drink tickets you usually receive.

asembl: What’s the best gig you ever had? The worst? 

SD: Best was Cabernet Cabaret with Catherine Cohen and Henry Koperski, worst was my first show back after 4 months in quarantine...I forgot how to...um...talk.

asembl: A lot of comics have been doing outdoor gigs since the pandemic struck. If you’ve done any, how terrible has that been?

SD: I did one in Central Park that was great except that a rat kept scampering around making everyone scream and upstaging me....

asembl: Other than yourself, name a comedian that nobody knows today but you think everybody will know in two years. 

SD: What a mean question! Lots of people already know Brian Bahe but he's about to blow up.

asembl: What early trauma was most influential in bringing you to stand up comedy?

SD: Winning Best Listener on my basketball team.

asembl: Which comics have influenced you the most? 

SD: Weird Al.

asembl: Which of the following is the threshold at which you consider a gig to be well paid?

o  Having to pay to perform.

o  Not getting anything.

o  Few free drinks.

o  Any money at all.

o  $20 or more.

SD: $20 or more.

asembl: How has the pandemic impacted you creatively? Are you writing more, less or the same now? 

SD: I'm writing more because...I...don't...have a job...They say do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life :((((


asembl: How have you adjusted to Zoom therapy / AA / etc.? 

SD: Poorly! Unless you count me catching my therapist fixing her hair instead of listening to me "doing the work."

asembl: Best puppet based sitcom: Alf or Unhappily Ever After? 

SD: Wait I just found out that Drew Carey isn't a puppet.

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