Ten Questions w/ Patrick Haggerty

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Patrick Haggerty is a comedian from New York City. He was featured on the Jim and Sam show on Sirius XM radio, he’s a regular at New York Comedy Club Roast Battle and Comedy Fight Club at The Stand. He’s also a producer of the 5th Borough Comedy Festival.

He's on our show on December 9th with Erik Escobar & Liz Glazer.

We caught up with him to ask a few ridiculous questions.

asembl: How long have you been doing standup comedy?

PH: I’ve been doing standup comedy for about 10 years.

asembl: What’s the best gig you ever had? The worst? 

PH: Best gig I ever had was at skankfest NYC. Worst was a biker club on Staten Island.

asembl: A lot of comics have been doing outdoor gigs since the pandemic struck. If you’ve done any, how terrible has that been?

PH: Outdoor comedy was definitely better than nothing. Having to yell over sirens and passing trains was not fun though.

asembl: Other than yourself, name a comedian that nobody knows today but you think everybody will know in two years. 

PH: Nick Tillelli 

asembl: What early trauma was most influential in bringing you to stand up comedy?

PH: Being the youngest of 5. Not necessarily a trauma but it shaped my comedic sensibility.

asembl: Which comics have influenced you the most? 

PH: Comics who have influenced me are Mike Birbiglia, Jerry Seinfeld, and Louis CK.

asembl: Which of the following is the threshold at which you consider a gig to be well paid?

o  Having to pay to perform.

o  Not getting anything.

o  Few free drinks.

o  Any money at all.

o  $20 or more.

PH: 20 dollars is the beginning of actual pay for a standup gig. Anything below that is just the producer giving you some loose bills that they got as donations. 

asembl: How has the pandemic impacted you creatively? Are you writing more, less or the same now? 

PH: The pandemic has actually caused me to write more. It’s made me focus more on comedy in general because it led me to realize you never know what might happen so you might as well go for it. 

asembl: How have you adjusted to Zoom therapy / AA / etc.? 

PH: I don’t do zoom therapy or AA or really anything that would be equivalent.

asembl: Best puppet based sitcom: Alf or Unhappily Ever After? 

PH: I don’t do zoom therapy or AA or really anything that would be equivalent.

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