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misha han
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Marcus Cardona is a New York City based comedian, writer, actor, and producer who performs throughout the city. The Maine born Filipino-American comedian began performing in 2011, after forming the YouTube sketch comedy group, Pinetree Comedy. Assistant manager at Brooklyn House Of Comedy, helping develop new talent in Brooklyn, a power house of a producer with a build your stage and kill it too energy the host of a variety of shows that have included Bassanova Ramen shop based comedy show, Send Noods in New York City’s Chinatown, even during the pandemic producing a sold out Cabin Fever: An Outdoor Comedy Show For A Socially Distant Time in collaboration with Empire Comedy Club at Thompson’s Point in Portland, Maine, and producing New York City’s first comedy scene only comedy awards show The Bombys which was hosted in 2020 at Bushwick’s The Tiny Cupboard.

He's on our show on tonight with Katie Haller & James Camacho.

We caught up with him to ask a few ridiculous questions.

asembl: How long have you been doing standup comedy?

MH: Started in 2009 at 16 my freshman year of college. My parents weren't happy about it then. They're marginally more okay with it now.


asembl: What’s the best gig you ever had? The worst? 

MH: For me, the best gig is always the last time I killed. Usual Culprits show in Feb Valentines Day Weekend. I had no date, but I had a show and it was a hot show.

The worst gig was when I had to perform in the middle of a beauty pageant. I was like 17. They had me, and two musicians alternate as intermission entertainment while the women competing changed backstage.


asembl: A lot of comics have been doing outdoor gigs since the pandemic struck. If you’ve done any, how terrible has that been?

MH: I mean I've done tons of terrible gigs. But they're all part of the process. A good comedian can kill at great shows. A great comedian can kill at bad shows. It's eating vegetables, and makes you stronger.

asembl: Other than yourself, name a comedian that nobody knows today but you think everybody will know in two years. 

MH: I think a lot of people already know this dude, but Dylan Adler I think is a gem, and deserves all of the success he's going to have. He's a monster that kills everywhere.

asembl: What early trauma was most influential in bringing you to stand up comedy?

MH: Umm skipping a grade in elementary school. It probably shifted my identity from being smart, to being young and smart and kinda isolated, and put me in a box I was eager to get out of.

asembl: Which comics have influenced you the most? 

MH: Doug Stanhope was my punk music. I found his albums online at 13 years old, and I consider him the beginning of me learning how to question authority and complacency. He taught me it was still okay to ask grown ups sharp questions, and not take what they have to say at face value, and really try to figure out what's going on.

asembl: Which of the following is the threshold at which you consider a gig to be well paid?

o  Having to pay to perform.

o  Not getting anything.

o  Few free drinks.

o  Any money at all.

o  $20 or more.

MH: $20 or more.

asembl: How has the pandemic impacted you creatively? Are you writing more, less or the same now? 

MH: Writing less stand up, but writing more other things. Worked on sketches, satire pieces, and screenplays. I've taken a lot of time to recharge creatively - I had been juggling working full time jobs and doing stand up regularly for about 7 years straight, and being able to take a bit of a break is probably good overall for my soul.

asembl: How have you adjusted to Zoom therapy / AA / etc.? 

MH: Nope. I haven't been to either but I probably should have?

asembl: Best puppet based sitcom: Alf or Unhappily Ever After? 

MH: Haven't seen either of these shows!

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