Ten Questions w/ Jenny Jennings

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Jenny Jennings is a comedian, actress, and podcast host from Atlanta, ga currently living in LA. She's opened for comedians such as John Crist and Mark Ellis. She recently started a podcast called RomComedians which dissects Romantic Comedies by shedding light on the good, the bad and the hilarious ugly truth about them.

She's on our show on Wednesday, January 13th, together with Katrina Davis & Lindsay Bolling.

We caught up with her to ask a few questions.

asembl: How long have you been doing standup comedy?

JJ: 3 years.

asembl: What’s the best gig you ever had? The worst? 

JJ: Touring with John Crist on a tour bus to 8 different cities, performing for 3,000 people

Worst gig: Performing at a restaurant where people didn't know a show was happening and about 4 people were there, talking over me.

asembl: Other than yourself, name a comedian that nobody knows today but you think everybody will know in two years.

JJ: Laura Peek.

asembl: What early trauma was most influential in bringing you to stand up comedy?

JJ: Parents' divorce & bad breakup.

asembl: Which comics have influenced you the most?

JJ: Rita Rudner, Beth Stelling & Whitney Cummings.

asembl: Which of the following is the threshold at which you consider a gig to be well paid?
(a)  Having to pay to perform.
(b)  Not getting anything.
(c) Few free drinks.
(d)  Any money at all.
(e)  $20 or more.

JJ: I will perform anywhere that there is an audience. I've been paid nothing and then been paid in beer and then paid a lot. It all varies! But I'm not sure I would pay to perform unless someone told me Justin Timberlake was going to be there.

asembl: How has the pandemic impacted you creatively? Are you writing more, less or the same now?

JJ: I have started a podcast called RomComedians! I've shifted most of my creativity into more social media and getting this podcast up and running and I'm loving it. I'm writing here and there. The itch to write has been coming in waves for me. Some days it is there and some days I just need to drink a spicy margarita and take a breather.

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