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a better life in real life

asembl is a social platform that helps you find the best things to do and the people to enjoy them with.

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uncover shared interests

​Make your gym buddies actual buddies, find the people who really want to learn to dance salsa & see who's as into the gallery scene as you are.

make your real life more like the one it looks like you have online

​Sure, Netflix & Instagram are pretty cool. But your best life happens in real life. asembl makes that happen.


find people. do something.

anytime, anything, with anybody. asembl's got you covered

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Asembl is just what I was looking for as a NYC resident! With asembl, I'm able to meet new people that I have a lot in common with due to the events hosted on it. I love to play tennis and am pleased with all the tennis meetups on there to find someone to play with. - Jacob, NYC

Asembl has helped broaden my NYC circle a lot! I've been living in NYC for so long and found it difficult to meet new people but with asembl, it's so much easier. I use asembl for everything from finding concerts nearby to putting my own more intimate events in there. My friends love it too because you can also chat with people who are attending the same event. I definitely recommend using the app to my friends. - Gracie, NYC

The next great social app. Asembl is an incredibly fun and convenient way of staying up to date on interesting events of all kinds and finding people who share your unique interests. - Ben, NYC

Awesome app! I've signed up for tennis meetups on the app for the past few months and have already made so many new friends. the interface is very easy to use with free tickets to events every week. - Kevin, NYC

Great app for finding stuff to do. A friend recommended this app and it's actually really useful for finding cool events around the city, everything from concerts to art galleries to sporting events. Plus they have ticket giveaways which I love. - Brian, NYC

Super useful. It's a revolutionary way to find stuff to do in the city and great for making friends. Such a cool idea. - Sean, Boston

Fantastic app! Already changing my social life for the better. - Sancho, NYC

Love it! Great way to meet new people to do new things with. - Aly, NYC

Awesome way to find people with similar interests to you. I absolutely love this app for meeting new people. I don't always do all the things I'm in the mood for because I don't always have a group of people to go with. This app eliminates that problem! I have made a few events and met really nice people. - Olivia, Boston

Great app! The end of boring days. Very easy to use. It's a great way to meet new people and find out what's happening around town. - Martin, Boston

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