Hilarity at Home: asembl (not so) live #24

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Hilarity at Home: asembl (not so) live #24

You need some hilarity at home.

Join us on Wednesday, May 13 at 9 o'clock  (Eastern). It's online since we're prohibited from going out. We call it (not so) live. We've got Molly Austin, Erica Spera & Ahri Findling!

Here's the main page for the series where you can check out upcoming and past shows.

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hilarity at home

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Here's how it works:

  • Hit the "Join the interactive show" button or the "Join the livestream on YouTube" button (though that's much less fun) below at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13 to join. You can RSVP and add to your calendar here or on Facebook.
  • Turn on your microphone and/or camera so we can hear everybody laugh and feel together (also: behave).
  • Our amazing comedians do 10 minute sets each.
  • You laugh a great deal.
  • Donate. We're not putting up a paywall since we want everyone to easily join but we'd appreciate your donating $5 (or more!). Everybody's gigs went poof so a bit of cash would be highly appreciated.

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If that doesn't work for some weird reason, our PayPal account is: asembl@about.asemblco.com (paypal.com).

We also accept Venmo (venmo.com, though they're weird about non-personal payments and so PayPal is better). Our account is @Stevan-Nicholas

Now, the comedians. First up is Erica Spera.

Erica was named one of Conan's 2017 TBS Comics to Watch and since then has opened for Patton Oswalt, Bert Kreischer, Judah Friedlander, and more! Spera is also the producer of 607 Comedy, where she hosts comedy shows to help fundraise for organizations. Spera co-hosts the podcast "Shooters Gotta Shoot" with Molly DeMellier. Erica came out about having herpes on the podcast this fall, and shares her successes, rejections, fears and frustrations with disclosing to potential partners in attempt to decrease the stigma around the subject.

Next, Ahri Findling.

Ahri currently writes for Nikki Glaser is Obsessed on E!. He has recently been featured on Bravo and Comedy Central Digital. He appears regularly on You Up With Nikki Glaser and will make his TV debut on Amazon in 2020. He performs stand up in clubs and colleges all over the country. He has performed in festivals including: New York Comedy Festival, Trial by laughter, Devil Cup, Laughing Devil Comedy Festival,  Brooklyn Comedy Festival, and the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival.

hilarity at home

And finally, Molly Austin.

Molly is a comic, writer/producer, performer and all around good guy. She's been featured on MTV, Comedy Central, Tru Tv. She's performed at Cluster Fest, Hell Yes Fest, Big Sky and Red Clay Comedy Festival.

hilarity at home

When this is all over, you'll need to go out. And also re-introduce yourself to your friends. asembl makes doing both better. Check it out for all the best things going on and the easiest way to gather a group to do those things with.

hilarity at home