Karolena Theresa

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Adam Mamawala

We're excited to have the hilarious Karolena Theresa join us on Wednesday, July 1 at 9 ET for live comedy via Zoom (and YouTube), together with Adam Mamawala & Natalie Cuomo.

Karolena Theresa (featured in Dazed magazine) is a stand-up comedian, actress, comedy writer, comedic improviser, and short plus size model. She is a tour member of Awkward Sex and the City and a recent cast member of the productions Handmaid's Tale: The Musical and Hidden Fences. Hopefully you'll be able to catch her at her monthly show Star F*ckers: Astrology, But Make It Comedy every third Monday of the month at Union Hall soon.

Here's the main page for the show.

Here's the main page for the series where you can check out upcoming and past shows, including comedians every Wednesday & Friday at 9 ET, musicians whenever we succeed in booking them, trivia shows and much more besides.

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