Lindsay Boling

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We're excited to have the extremely funny Lindsay Boling join us on Wednesday, August 26 at 9 ET for live comedy via Zoom (and YouTube), together with Dylan Adler and Sofiya Alexandra.

Lindsay Boling is a former Division I soccer player so yeah, she's gay. She recorded her first compilation album with Helium Records in Philly in 2020, that is out now online and on Sirius XM. She has been featured in national comedy festivals such as The New York Comedy Festival, Boston Women in Comedy Festival and Cape Fear Comedy Festival. Lindsay appeared as a tour guide on the Discovery Channel for the since cancelled show, Off Limits. She can be seen regularly performing at venues throughout New York City.

Here's the main page for the show.

Here's the main page for the series where you can check out upcoming and past shows, including comedians every Wednesday & Friday at 9 ET, musicians whenever we succeed in booking them, trivia shows and much more besides.

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lindsay boling comedian comic comedy standup stand-up

lindsay boling

lindsay boling comedian comic comedy standup stand-up

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lindsay boling comedian comic comedy standup stand-up