Live music trivia with asembl & NYC Trivia League

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Live Music Trivia w/ asembl & NYC Trivia League

We've all been missing the fun and connection you get from a trivia night. And Instagram isn't cutting it. So we're doing a weekly series on Zoom with NYC Trivia League. It's going to be great.

Join us for the inaugural live music trivia on Tuesday, May 26 at 9 o'clock  (Eastern).

Here's the main page for our online event series, including comedy and music, where you can check out upcoming and past shows.

Or follow us on social media for the same:

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Here's how it works:

  1. Hit the "Register for the interactive show" button above (or below) to sign up (you'll get a link to join once you do).
  2. Around 8:55 p.m. we'll send a Google Form Digital Answer sheet to all registered users.
  3. Our great trivia master puts on great live music trivia show.
  4. Quizzes last about 50 minutes and are designed so that you and your friends can discuss the answers. There are 40 questions that count for ONE point each.
  5. Our only rule is no cheating. This is a free service with no prize. Cheating is a waste of your time and others. Please be respectful!
  6. Donate. We're not putting up a paywall since we want everyone to easily join but we'd appreciate your donating $5 (or more!).

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If that doesn't work for some weird reason, our PayPal account is: (

We also accept Venmo (, though they're weird about non-personal payments and so PayPal is better). Our account is @Stevan-Nicholas

When this is all over, you'll need to go out. And also re-introduce yourself to your friends. asembl makes doing both better. Check it out for all the best things going on (like live music trivia) and the easiest way to gather a group to do those things with.

About NYC Trivia League:

NYC Trivia League allows teams to compete in a season format, not only against all teams competing at their home venue, but also against every other league team playing across their 95-bar network. Given current circumstances, they're online focused right now, with Instagram Live! sessions every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday.

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