Socially Distanced Comedy: asembl (not so) live #39 w/ Freddy G, Erik Bergstrom & James Mattern

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Social distancing isn't good generally. Socially distanced comedy, though, is.

Join us on Friday, July 17 at at 9 o'clock  (Eastern) for the hilarious Freddy G, Erik Bergstrom & James Mattern.

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Here's how it works:

  • Hit the "Join the interactive show" button or the "Join the livestream on YouTube" button (though that's much less fun) below at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, July 17 to join.
  • Turn on your microphone and/or camera so we can hear everybody laugh and feel together (also: behave).
  • Our amazing comedians do 15 minute sets each.
  • You laugh a great deal.
  • Donate. We're not putting up a paywall since we want everyone to easily join but we'd appreciate your donating $5 (or more!). Everybody's gigs went poof so a bit of cash would be highly appreciated.

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If that doesn't work for some weird reason, our PayPal account is: (

We also accept Venmo ( Our account is @asembl

First, James Mattern.

James has appeared on Fox Sports One's "Garbage Time with Katie Nolan", The WWE Network's "The List", MSG Networks' "The Bracket", "People Talking Sports" and ""The Artie Lange Show."

James is also featured on Kevin Hart's platform Laugh Out Load performing standup on the program "Just for Laughs."

Currently he hosts that comedy philosophy podcast “The Commissioner of Comedy" and the argument show "Settle Something with Nathan and James.”

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Then, FreddyG.

FreddyG is standup up comic from NYC. His joke videos have over 10 million views on TikTok. He has also performed on Sirius XM and NPR.

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And finally, Erik Bergstrom.

Erik has been on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' and his Comedy Central Half-Hour was released in 2016. He has also appeared on MTV, VH1, TruTV, Fuse, Sirius XM, and has been featured by VICE, Vulture, and Buzzfeed. His cartoons have appeared in 'The New Yorker' and in his book 'Grimmer Tales', which was published by Penguin Books, was released in the U.S. and Sweden. In 2015, he was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which he is in remission from, but despite all his efforts still lives like a divorced 3rd grader. His comedy album 'Serious Goose' was released last year with Comedy Records.

socially distanced comedy

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When this is all over, you'll need to go out. And also re-introduce yourself to your friends. asembl makes doing both better. Check it out for all the best things going on and the easiest way to gather a group to do those things with.

live virtual comedy comedy livestream comedy on zoom comedy teleconference socially distanced comedy