Stand-Up Comedy Show: asembl (not so) live #50

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Stand-up comedy show! On Friday! From your living (or bed or, yeesh, bath) room! It'll be great.

Join us on Friday, August 28 at at 9 o'clock  (Eastern)(add it to your calendar here). We're pumped to have comedians Annabel & Sabina Meschke, Sharon Houston & Kayt Hester.

Here's the main page for the series where you can check out upcoming and past shows.

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Here's how it works:

  • Hit the "Join the interactive show" button or the "Join the livestream on YouTube" button (though that's much less fun) below at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, August 28 to join.
  • Turn on your microphone and/or camera so we can hear everybody laugh and feel together (also: behave).
  • Our amazing comedians do 15 minute sets each.
  • You laugh a great deal.
  • Donate. We're not putting up a paywall since we want everyone to easily join but we'd appreciate your donating $5 (or more!). Everybody's gigs went poof so a bit of cash would be highly appreciated.

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If that doesn't work for some weird reason, our PayPal account is: (

We also accept Venmo.

First, Kayt Hester.

Kayt is a humorist and visual artist from Jersey City, New Jersey . One year into her stand-up journey, she made it into The Jersey City Comedy Festival where she won audience favorite from the Jersey Strong Showcase, then was named the judges top 3 in The Best of the Fest. Her jokes have been featured in The New York Post. When not onstage, Kayt enjoys bothering cats  and wearing comfortable pants.


stand-up comedy show

Then, Sharon Houston.

Sharon is a stand-up comic, content creator, and TV producer. She’s been on and produced shows for MTV, Comedy Central, We, and more. You can check out her show on IG called “Bob & Donna” — it’s ridiculous and the latest episodes feature @gayfatfriend. She loves doing Zoom comedy shows because she doesn’t have to look for a place to park.

stand-up comedy show

And finally, Annabel & Sabina Meschke.

Annabel & Sabina Meschke are identical twins, both the evil one. In addition to being featured on Vulture, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, and more for their “comedy,” they’ve also had their fair share of viral tweets which they are told can be cleared right up with the proper ointment.

stand-up comedy show



When this is all over, you'll need to go out. And also re-introduce yourself to your friends. asembl makes doing both better. Check it out for all the best things going on and the easiest way to gather a group to do those things with.

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