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Laura High

By asembl | February 3, 2021

Laura High is from New York City, You’ve seen her on Lifetime, […]

Ten Questions w/ Jenny Jennings

By asembl | January 13, 2021

Jenny Jennings is a comedian, actress, and podcast host from Atlanta, ga […]

Ten Questions w/ Alison Clayton

By asembl | December 16, 2020

Ali Clayton is the southern, dyslexic, pageant kid, who grew up to […]

misha han

Ten Questions w/ Misha Han

By asembl | December 16, 2020

Marcus Cardona is a New York City based comedian, writer, actor, and […]

Ten Questions w/ Audrey Mora

By asembl | December 11, 2020

Audrey Mora is a writer, and stand-up comedian; she has been writing […]

leah bonnema

Ten Questions w/ Leah Bonnema

By asembl | December 10, 2020

Fresh off her national television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Leah Bonnema is […]

erik escobar

Ten Questions w/ Erik Escobar

By asembl | December 9, 2020

Erik Escobar is a comedian who has performed all over the United […]

Ten Questions w/ Patrick Haggerty

By asembl | December 8, 2020

Patrick Haggerty is a comedian from New York City. He was featured […]

khalid rahmaan

Ten Questions with Khalid Rahmaan

By asembl | November 20, 2020

Khalid Rahmaan is a terrible driver, a delusional Knicks fan and a […]

Ten Questions with Beatrix “Betsy” Carroll

By asembl | November 18, 2020

Beatrix “Betsy” Carroll is a software engineer by day and a stand […]