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Ten Questions w/ Sarah Dooley

By asembl | November 18, 2020

Sarah Dooley is a musician and comedian who just released her second […]

james camacho

Ten Questions with James Camacho

By asembl | November 11, 2020

James Camacho is a NYC based comedian via NJ. James is an […]

marcus cardona

Ten Questions With Marcus Cardona

By asembl | November 11, 2020

Marcus Cardona is a New York City based comedian, writer, actor, and […]

10 Questions w/ Laura Peek

By asembl | October 30, 2020

Laura Peek is a comic living in Los Angeles. She was named […]

Fall Fun in New York

By asembl | October 21, 2020

Air is getting crisp, leaves are turning reddish orange. It’s fall. And […]

Ten Questions with Nathan Orton

By asembl | October 16, 2020

Nathan Orton is a NYC-based comedian who has written for multiple Comedy […]

Ten Questions with Amanda Gail

By asembl | October 14, 2020

Amanda Gail is a NYC/Hoboken based stand up comedian, writer, producer and […]

Ten Questions with Max Fine

By asembl | October 13, 2020

Known cool guy, Max Fine, is a comedian from Atlanta, GA, currently […]

outdoor films at nowadays

Outdoor Films at Nowadays: Fantastic Films in NYC

By asembl | October 11, 2020

Where can you find outdoor events in New York before it gets […]

Party October 8th: Club Quarantine x Club Hun House

By asembl | October 8, 2020

Tomorrow is Friday, in case you haven’t heard, and so a lot […]